about me

therapeutic bodywork

Hi, I’m Chandani.  I am a qualified Reflexologist (MAR), Reiki Master/ Teacher and Certified TRE Provider.  All of these therapies are holistic, natural and non-invasive; designed to work with your body as an organic, alive, pulsating organism.

I have a deeply nourished belief in the self-healing power of our amazing bodies!  I create an open, non-judgmental space for us to explore and nurture the best ways I can support you and your current needs.

Working with me is about rooting into renewed curiosity on what your body is trying to tell you whilst appreciating and developing understanding of your body’s innate intelligence.  In this way, we co-create the optimal conditions for you to return to your natural state of calm and balance.

I’m currently training in supporting Mum’s as a traditional postpartum doula through listening, cooking, creating herbal medicines, teas and baths as well as touch, reflexology, reiki and love.

Get in touch and let’s explore together.

qualifications & trainings

TRE Provider Certification
TRE Advanced Touch (Specialist CPD)
Steve Haines, TRE College

8 Developmental Stages with TRE (Specialist CPD)
Body Reading in TRE (Specialist CPD)
Diaphragm LAB (Specialist CPD)
TRE Anatomy (Specialist CPD)
Cheda Mikic, TRE Centre

Full Member of the International Association TRE for All
Committee Member for the TRE Association UK


Clinical Reflexology (Level 5)
Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology (Level 5)
Melanie Bell, The Complementary Therapy School

Maternity Reflexology (Specialist CPD) (in progress)
Sally Earlam, Sally Earlam Reflexology

Full Member of the Association of Reflexologists


Reiki Master and Teacher (Levels 3 & 4)
in Traditional Usui Reiki & Holy Fire III
Miguel Chavez, Reiki Maya

Usui Reiki Practitioner (Levels 1 & 2)
Justine Nolan, East London Reiki

Womb Reiki Practitioner (Specialist CPD)
Trudi Holden, Wild Samsara


Pause Place Practitioner Training
Katie Abbott, Pause Place


Birth Preparation Doula (in progress)
Traditional Postpartum Support Doula (in progress)
Nicola Goodall, Red Tent Doulas