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Groups are a powerful reminder that our human experience is shared. That we are so fundamentally connected. TRE shines a light on our physiology; of co-regulation, safety, our collective pain and collective joy. It is through community and connection that we deeply heal, resolve and flourish.

TRE Workshop

Friday 28 June 1-3pm / email to book
The Practice Rooms, Islington N1 9RD

The perfect way to be introduced to TRE in a small group setting.  We will gently go through the practice together, with space for sharing and questions.  Aimed at beginners but open to all levels.

TRE Community Shake

Friday 28 June 5-7pm / email to book
The Practice Rooms, Islington N1 9RD

These monthly shakes are for those who already know what TRE is and have begun a home practice.  These groups provide a supportive and guided space to develop your relationship to involuntary tremors, ask questions and perhaps explore new cues, shapes, movement patters to deepen your shaking experience.

All levels are welcome, from regular shakers to those completely new to TRE (unless otherwise stated).   

Advisory Info

We will be learning a set of 7 simple exercises that are designed to gently fatigue and stretch big muscle groups and reconnect to the tremor reflex.  There is always a risk of injury as with any form of exercise. By attending these classes you are taking full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing throughout.

These classes are for adults over 18 years old.  

A group class is not recommended for anyone with severe trauma, PTSD, CPTSD, burnout and serious health conditions or those who find it very challenging to self-regulate (unable to calm down when emotionally distressed).  It is recommended to initially work in a 121 session.

These classes are not suitable if you are currently pregnant.  If you have has a recent operation, surgery or experienced a serious injury, it is best to allow yourself a minimum of 3 or more months to recover before doing TRE.

Please feel free to contact me if you need more information or would like to discuss your individual circumstances.

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