what is reiki?

Reiki is a gentle yet powerful energy healing method from Japan.  By focusing on the auric or energy body, Reiki can help to dissolve blockages that may be manifesting in our physical body as illness, tension or pain, emotional imbalances, or poor energy circulation.   You can work with Reiki for support with emotional, physical, mental and spiritual healing.  

Reiki is a very safe and non-invasive healing technique that sends universal energy to the receiver.  Practitioners use intention to share this energy through their hands.  

what happens during my treatment?

Sessions will start with a chat about what you’re looking for from the treatment and if you have any specific areas you would like me to work on.  There is no need to remove any clothing, except perhaps your shoes.  Once you are lying down and comfortable, I will guide you to take a few breaths and into setting your intention.  I will then begin your treatment with a full body energy scan to feel for blockages and then intuitively work through your main energy centers and any areas you have indicated.  

Having a Reiki treatment is very personal to the receiver.  Many clients drop into a deeply relaxing meditative state, see colours or visuals, feel different sensations, such as warmth, tingling or pulsating energy.  From this place of connection, many insights or intuitions can come forward either during the session or over the following days.  

Emotional releases can also occur when working with energy.  As stagnant energy is unblocked, you can be a witness to the release and allow the emotion to move and dissipate.  You can always ask to stop, have a break or a chat during the treatment if you need.  Usually this will allow for newfound lightness and ease to enter now the energy pathways in your body allow for more flow.

The best way to understand or get to know Reiki is to experience it!  Sessions can be booked either in-person or via distance (online).  In-person sessions have the option of being treated with my hands gently resting over the area I am working or to have the whole session hands-off.  All intimate areas are be worked hands-off.  They both work just as effectively as we are primarily working with your auric or energy field.

how many sessions will I need?

One-off sessions are a lovely relaxing treat to unwind and experience the calming effects of this energy healing modality.  If you are new to reiki, or generally struggle to relax, it’s great to start with 2-3 sessions in a month to support your ability to feel the beneficial effects, which are accumulative.  

If you are seeking reiki to work on a specific health issue or improve an area of your life, it’s beneficial to invest in regular weekly or fortnightly sessions.  You can then move to monthly sessions once you feel ready.

All sessions will be tailored to your individual needs.  Feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss what’s best for you.

how does distance reiki work?

Distance reiki is essentially the same as receiving a reiki treatment in-person, except you are in the comfort of your own home.  Because reiki works with intention, it is easily sent over distance when the recipient is open to receiving the energy.  Sessions will start with a consultation, followed by your treatment (with your camera/ microphone off), and we will come back together at the end for any questions and space to share.  I will send suggestions on how to set up upon booking.